Centre d'Immunophénomique (PHENOMIN-CIPHE)

PHENOMIN-CIPHE is dedicated to the construction and phenotyping of mice of interest for Immunology and Infectiology. Through a series of almost 200 quantitative parameters, PHENOMIN-CIPHE has the unique ability to phenotype all the cellular components of the immune system under normal conditions or when confronted with pathogens. Moreover, PHENOMIN-CIPHE is currently involved in the construction of a public resource comprised of nearly 50 knock-in mice to provide new informations on the nature of "molecular machines" determining the behavior of immune cells.

  • Creation of models (Knock-In - Knock-Out booster)
  • Microinjection and cryopreservation
  • Immunophenotyping (over 200 quantitative parameters)
  • Producing, housing and breeding mice in SOPF facility; housing and immunophenotyping in BSL3 facility

PHENOMIN-CIPHE has developed several R&D activities that permitted to maintain a constellation of innovative and branded new technologies in genetic engineering of the mouse genome, immunology and infectiology. A few of those activities are outlined below:

Genome editing

  • Gene engineering tools (‘’One-StrepTagged’’ alleles for interactomics of primary immunocytes, cassette allowing the fast-track construction of multitask alleles, multicolor mice)
  • Gene editing technology tools (TALE nucleases, CRISPR/Cas9)



  • Reporter mouse lines for the study of the innate and adaptive immune systems
  • Immunophenotyping panels and assays under normal or infectious (BSL3) conditions (unique combination of antibodies, fluorochromes and user-friendly analysis of data)

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