French partnerships

CELPHEDIA, through its components, participates in:

  • Networks: ROCAD, EFOR, Biogenouest, GIS maladies Rares.
  • Centres of competitiveness: Innovations Thérapeutiques Alsace, EUROBIOMED.
  • Research centres: CNRS Bioterrorisme, IHU Infectiopôle Sud, Cancéropôles.
  • Programme Investissements d'Avenir - Equipements d'Excellence (Equipex) : Phenomix, Phenocan, ANINFIMIP.
  • Infrastructures Nationales en Biologie et Santé (INBS) :

    PHENOMIN is a French national infrastructure for Mouse Phenogenomics, laureate of Future Investments 2011 and gathering 3 partners: CIPHE, ICS and TAAM. The objective of PHENOMIN is the achievement of the functional annotation of the mouse genome and the consolidation of the French position in this area at the heart of European research. Its mission is to provide a wide range of services for the development, maintenance, analysis, preservation and dissemination of mouse models for basic research, biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

    TEFOR is a French national infrastructure, laureate of Future Investments 2012. Gathering instead of diversifying is the purpose of TEFOR, wishing to develop a research infrastructure focused on non-mammalian models as varied as zebra-fish (AMAGEN) or drosophila, but remaining open to all organisms, e.g. the rat (TRIP-Nantes). The resulting discoveries might revolutionize the understanding of genome function and control of physiological functions in a given organism